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 Comments From Our Texas Reverse Mortgage Customers

Lester, Dallas, Texas

“Great Job! Excellent Job!”


Nick and Beverly, Springtown, Texas

“Debbie and Sandi were exceptional.  Very knowledgeable and wonderful people!”


Victor & Pauline, Mesquite, Texas

“I have never worked with anyone who showed more concern, professionalism, courtesy, and patience!  It had to be God chosen to send you our way.”


Reed, Dallas, Texas

“Working with you folks w as a top notch experience. In the business from which I am retiring, my partner and I built a team that strives to give our clients Ritz Carlton service with Fed Ex efficiency. And if I may say so – we succeed in doing that. So I am attuned to recognizing that in others. You, Bob, and your team are from the same mold. You guys are the best!”


Reed & Linda, Southlake Texas

“You folks are great!  Linda and I feel lucky to have come across your website.”


Carol & Son Mike, Mansfield, Texas

“My son handled virtually all the details of putting my reverse mortgage together.  He tells me that both Bob and Debbie bent over backwards to answer all our questions in a timely and professional manor.  Great service! I will recommend your service to anyone!”


Mike, Mansfield, Texas

“Thanks again for all the help that you and your husband gave us. The Reverse Mortgage was the perfect program for Mom.”


Roger, Lakehills, Texas

“Thanks for all your special effort! Well done!”


Jim & Elena, Dallas, Texas

“The perfect pair for this business!”


Shirley & Fred, Fredericksburg, Texas

“Your professional manner was greatly appreciated and I would most definitely refer friends to you.  Thanks for all your help.”


Shirley and Elmer, Houston, Texas

“Bob, Debbie, and Kathy, you are fantastic.  I had many qualms about trying again to get a reverse mortgage after such a bad experience with the first company we tried, but our needs required it.  It has been a great thing to happen.  You guys went beyond and above to help us.  I felt we were your only customers!  This is how personal and helpful you were.  I wish to keep in touch with you!”


Ron & Marie, San Marcus, Texas

It is nice to feel like we know you now and it was a pleasure to have you spend so much of your time with us.  I hope all can be worked out.  Thanks for your advice.”


Chuck & Margie Point, Texas

“Communication and responsiveness were excellent at all times and your support of our needs was greatly appreciated!  Margie and myself were most impressed with the compassion and care you showed in the handling of our reverse mortgage process.”


Nelda, Pearland, Texas

“It was a joy to work with you on the reverse mortgage.  I felt at ease and safe during the whole process.  God bless you as you work with other “seniors” who need help.”


Linda Weaver, Texas

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“Thank you so much. The two of you literally saved my home and my business. I would have lost everything but for your diligence, your genuine concern and generosity. Never have I done business with anyone who is so quick to respond to every email, every call and every problem. I tell everyone I believe you are both angels – and to me, you certainly are.”


Ann & Gary, Coppell, Texas

“Your honesty and personal touch made our reverse mortgage possible.  Your customer service made the whole process very seamless and timely.  Thank you!”


Henry and Sally, Kerrville, Texas

“We are very pleased with the whole process. Thanks!”


Shirley & Fred, Fredericksburg, Texas – Sherri, daughter of Shirley & Fred

“Thank you for all your help in getting them their loan.  You have been wonderful!”

Ron, San Antonio, Texas

“Thank you for taking care of my situation. You were very friendly and professional and I would highly recommend your company to anyone!”


Richard, Houston, Texas

“Bob, You really are a different breed. I am not going to give you names of reverse mortgage specialists who lied and/or misrepresented the product(s). Believe me – there was one in The Woodlands, and one in Houston. Very bad people. I appreciate your line of reasoning and advice. Thank you, and God bless you. You are the only one I have spoken with that I would trust to do the best possible job.” 


Erna, Austin, Texas

“I received excellent help and guidance from Cassie! She went beyond her means to get me qualified (for this loan). I appreciate such service very much! Job well done!”


Allen and Edna, Huntsville, Texas

“We didn’t know much about reverse mortgages. We thank you, Debbie, for the information provided to help us make the decision. We couldn’t ask for better service anywhere. Please pass our appreciation to Cassie, who helped us through this!”


Jamye and John, Center, Texas

“All of you were above and beyond expectations! It doesn’t get better than you three! Thank you so very much!”


Bonnie and Allen, Hunt, Texas

“Without a mortgage payment, we are able to “go” more, eat out, etc.! Bonnie also purchased a new pickup…something she always wanted! And…we have not even touched our Line of Credit. It’s so much easier to pay just our taxes and insurance! Yeah!


Julia, Plano, Texas

“Best decision I ever made! Great help!”


Gene and Marian, Kerrville, Texas

“Everything went very nicely!”


Jimmie & Ruth, San Antonio, Texas

“The people were very nice and easy to work with!”


Joe, Plano, Texas

“All the people who helped me through the process were both affable and knowledgeable. My thanks to all of you who assisted me and made the arcane seem simple. My special thanks to you, Bob, for your help and guidance.”


Louise, Dripping Springs, Texas

“Have referred you already! Thanks for everything.”


Sonny, Cleveland, Texas

“You were most professional!”


Julia, Houston, Texas

“It was a pleasure working with you both!”


Jerry, Houston, Texas

“Thank you for your help!”


George, Plano, Texas

“Everything went well! Cassie was very helpful and always answered my questions.”


Dick & Maria, Corpus Christi, Texas

“It was a pleasure to work with such a fine team of experts! All the best to you!”


Rene & Mary, Meadowlakes, Texas

“You were available and helpful and we felt supported! Thank you!”


Ted & Margaret, Kerrville, Texas

“Thank you for answering the many telephone questions we kept asking!”


Gwen, Houston, Texas

“Bob & Debbie, I appreciate everything you did for me and I want to thank you very much.”


Bonnie, Keller, Texas

“Amy helped us so much, especially trying to help us get the money for the electric bill! Thank you so much!”


Rudy & Guadalupe, Waxahachie, Texas

“Thank you! Amy was excellent, very friendly, caring, and available at any time. We are very pleased!”


Bob & Dorothy, Dallas, Texas

” It was great to work with Amy. She was very nice and more like a friend to us!”


Cecil and Alberta, Mineola, Texas



Connie, San Antonio, Texas

“You all are the best! I am so blessed to know you!”


Linn, Austin, Texas

“You both were wonderful…knowledgeable, responsive and “old-fashioned Texas” polite and friendly! I couldn’t have asked for better service!”


Bill, Dallas, Texas

“Amy Wright (our DFW area processor) made the process a pleasant one because of her patience, kindness, and efficiency!”


Brad & Dee, Austin, Texas

“We cannot imagine the process going any quicker or more efficiently! Thank you!”


Doris, Dallas, Texas

“I just want to thank you all for a job well done. Everyone was so nice!”


Ken & Johnnie, New Braunfels, Texas

“Service was excellent in all phases. The loan was completed in good time.”


Connie & Margaret, Dallas, Texas

“It was a pleasure to do business with such a caring and professional group; especially Debbie Worley. We will most definitely refer friends, who are in need of a reverse mortgage, to you.”


Alex, Houston, Texas

“Thank you for making the whole process feel so easy. You guys did a great job!”


Mary, Austin, Texas

“Debbie, I do not know the words to express my gratitude to you for how you handled my reverse mortgage. Thanks for everything!!”


Bill and Camille, Mansfield, TX

“Bill and I cannot thank you enough for helping us resolves this matter. You were both professional and understanding and we are very thankful for that.”


Marilyn and Keith, Fort Worth, Texas

“Debbie, you and Bob and Amy were so kind. You and Bob answered my questions and explained everything so I could understand it. The man you sent out to appraise the house was so nice, too. I feel God sent me to you all! I would most gladly tell others of your service. No one could ask for kinder, nicer people than you both are. If anyone ask me if I know anyone to contact for a reverse mortgage, I will most definitely tell them of you all. I can’t thank you enough for all you did for us!”


Lynn, Boerne, Texas

“Debbie and Bob handled my reverse mortgage in a most professional manner. I always felt that they had my best interest at heart. They helped me understand the entire process so that I felt comfortable with it. It is such a help to me. I would gladly recommend them to anyone I know who might be interested in a reverse mortgage. Thank you so much for helping me!”


Manuel and Rosalinda, Lubbock, Texas

“Friendly, professional, fast service!”


Lynn and Gwen, San Antonio, Texas

“Thanks! It was a very smooth transaction.”


Richard and Jo, League City,Texas

“Thank you for your very professional and personal attentiveness to our experience.”


Joe & Shirley, Katy,Texas

“Both of you were very pleasant to deal with. Thanks for your help.”


Jerri, San Angelo, Texas

“Thanks for all your help. The whole process was so overwhelmingly easy mainly because of you!”


Ed & Eunice, Kemp,Texas

“You were both extremely helpful and always were available when I called. Well Done!!!”


Howell & Olivia, Plano, Texas

“You did a great job! Thanks!”


Bill and Patricia, San Antonio, Texas

“From start to finish everything was handled very smoothly and it was like talking to an old friend! Thank you, Bob!”


Lillie, San Angelo, Texas

“You are the first business person I have dealt with who took care of business. No delays!”


Adan, San Angelo, Texas

“I was impressed with the way Bob Worley introduced me to the plan.”


Jim and Barbara, Dripping Springs, TX

“Thanks for all your hard work, you truly became a friend!”


Monta, San Marcos, Texas

“The overall job was good. Very much better than most! Your wife did a good professional job, as well.”


Fred and Ann, Boerne, Texas

“It was our pleasure working with you. Everything went just great.”


Ray and Gwen, Kerrville, Texas

“We are very pleased and happy with everything and we thank you for all that you did. we treasure your friendship and wish the very best for you and Debbie.”


Oscar and JoAnn, Kerrville, Texas

“We were very pleased with your overall performance.”


Robert, San Angelo,Texas

“Your job performance was outstanding. You were like a “good neighbor” and friend…always there for me! Thank you!”


Sonia, Celina, Texas

“Bob and Debbie were both very helpful, courteous, and kept me well-informed during the short process. Everything done in a timely way!”


Darlene, Abilene, Texas

“I appreciated your honesty and straightforwardness. I knew I could always count on you to answer all my questions. I never had to wait for answers. I could never have done this without all your help. Thanks so much.”


Elmer and Janell, Midland Texas

“I would refer you anytime! Both of you were most helpful and kind to us both.”


Sandy, Irving, Texas

“Thanks for all your help!”


Jim, Carrollton,Texas

“Bob & Debbie, thank you so much! You went the extra mile and rescued me and I realize that! Thank you for the dogged pursuit! God bless you!”


Herb and Rita, Mesquite, Texas

“Very Pleased!”


Al and Jacquelene, Grand Prairie, Texas

“Very professional and kinda down home.”


Jesse, Dallas, Texas

“All of the people connected with my reverse mortgage were very qualified and helpful to me. I am very pleased!.”


Tom and Patricia, Hurst, Texas

“Excellent job; always available to answer questions!”


Lou, Sherman, Texas

“I have referred you to several people. I think you are both great to work with.”


Lawrence and Barbara, Farmers Branch, Texas

“I found both Bob and Debbie to be very informed and responsive and easy to understand.”


Sam and Jo Ann, Irving, Texas

“You both have done an excellent job! Y’all were very courteous and explained everything so that we could understand it. Thanks for everything!”


Forrest and Sharron, San Antonio,Texas

“I just want to tell you how thankful we are to you for all you’ve done and the manner in which you’ve handled this. We really appreciate you! Everything went smoothly and more quickly than we expected! Thank you, again, for all your help.”


Bob and Patsy, San Angelo, Texas

“Your job performance was outstanding. You were like a good neighbor and friend ….always there for me. Thank you.”


Marion and Trudy, Houston, Texas

“Two firms were contacted before (we contacted) you. One said, “Talk to my secretary for an appointment to come to Tomball (a sixty mile drive for us!).” The other said, “We will call you later.” That never happened. I reluctantly called Mr. Worley after reading through his website and he pleasantly said, “We will come to you.” Great! His lovely lady appeared and made the weighty procedure as pleasant as possible for which WE say, “Thanks! “Glad we got to know you, as they say in Texas!”


Bill and his Parents, Bert and Bertie, Kilgore, Texas

“I want to thank the two of you for your help with my parents. It was a pleasure to work with two professionals. I know my parents really appreciated all of your work.”


Bob, Dallas, Texas

“You far exceeded my expectations!”


Tom and Shirley, Canyon Lake Texas

“Integrity=Bob and Debbie Worley. You two are a blessing to people like us who needed your guidance in accomplishing a major life decision. Please accept our sincere thanks.”


Johnny and Rachel, San Antonio, Texas

“Patient, considerate, very professional and very honest. We definitely will refer your company and staff.”


Edna and Carthal, Kerrville, Texas

“We were very pleased at the service and quickness we got from Mr. Worley! We will refer him to everyone…”


JoAnn and Sonny, Meadowlakes, Texas

“JoAnn and I were extremely happy with the way our deal was handled and we cherish your friendship.”


Virginia, San Antonio, Texas

“I was surprised at how smoothly everything went and how quickly it all went through. Thank you so very much! Also, it was more (money) than I’d expected!”


Shirley and Howard, LaPorte Texas

“Shirley and I were impressed by and sincerely appreciated your personal hands-on attention. Thank you very much.”


Nancy and Larry, Kerrville, Texas

“We appreciated the fact that we did not feel pressured into doing this reverse mortgage.”


Ruth and Frank, Boerne, Texas

“It was a pleasure working with you, Bob! A big thank you for your help, advise, and interest. We really appreciate all that you did for us!”


Richard, San Antonio, Texas

“It could not have been a more rewarding experience!”


Calvin, San Antonio, Texas

“I appreciate very much the concern you have for your clients. You are a wonderful person to know. May God continue to bless you.”


L.J. and Helen, Dallas, Texas

“They went over everything with us in a professional way. I will recommend you to my sister.”


Dennis, Dallas, Texas

“Thank you for all your professionalism. I will recommend you highly.”


Duke, Sherman, Texas

“Great job! Thanks for great service.”


Eustaquio and Carmen, San Antonio, Texas

“I will surely refer anyone who might be in need of a reverse mortgage to you. Thank you for making us feel comfortable in asking our questions and explaining everything so well. You are very professional and helpful. I am glad I made my choice in doing my business with you, thanks to finding your listing in the web. God bless you.”


Larry and Sue, Bluffton, Texas

“All of the people were helpful and friendly. Thank you!”


George, Abilene, Texas

“You were very efficient and effective. It was an enjoyable contact. Keep up the good work.”


John, Abilene, Texas

“Your presentation was easily understood and the few questions I had, you answered to my complete satisfaction.”


Patsy, San Angelo, Texas

“Bob was outstanding to do business with.”


Loretta, San Antonio, Texas

“You were both very knowledgeable and nice. Everything went smoothly and there were no long waiting periods.”


Jim and Ann, Bandera, Texas

“Bob, your business card motto, “Dedicated to giving you personal service,” says it all!”


The Rabins, San Antonio, Texas

“Patient, considerate, very professional and very honest. We definitely will refer your company and staff.”


Roy, San Antonio, Texas

“He shows special interest in his client. Reliable!”


Herb and Rita, Mesquite, Texas

“Very Pleased!”


Ellen and son, Jim, Dallas, Texas

“Debbie was focused, tireless, patient and encouraging throughout the entire process. Debbie’s professionalism overcame every roadblock we encountered, and for that, I and my family will always be grateful.”


Yvonne & Regis, Richardson,Texas

“I appreciate your help in making this important decision. Thanks for your help!”

Please call Bob or Debbie today toll free number 1-800-307-9113 for your no obligation consultation and let us answer your specific questions about how we can be of service to you regarding a Texas Reverse Mortgage.