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Welcome to Lone Star Reverse Mortgage, Inc., your trusted partner for reverse mortgage loans in Texas. Our company is built on strong values, integrity, and a commitment to doing the right thing for our customers. Allow us to introduce ourselves and share our story.

I’m Brenda Bejarano, the new owner and principal of Lone Star Reverse Mortgage, Inc, taking forward the trusted legacy of our founders, Bob and Debbie Worley. My goal is to continue providing practical reverse mortgage solutions to Texas seniors, informed by my extensive experience and personal understanding of the value these loans offer.

As a Texas native with a background spanning over 17 years in the reverse mortgage industry, I’m deeply familiar with the financial challenges seniors face. My commitment to our community grew from witnessing how a reverse mortgage benefited my own parents, and this personal connection drives my approach to serving you.

Lone Star Reverse Mortgage, LLC is built on the commitment to give you clear, honest information about reverse mortgages. We recognize they’re not for everyone, which is why I focus on clear communication to ensure that the services we provide are tailored to fit your unique needs.

Our process is straightforward: we’ll talk through your situation, answer your questions, and provide the guidance you need to navigate the reverse mortgage process with confidence. Trust and transparency are at the core of everything we do, reflected in our longstanding BBB A+ rating and reputation as a knowledgeable lender in Texas.

As I step into this role, my promise is to maintain the personalized service that has defined us. We’re here to help you understand your options and work towards the financial flexibility you need to enjoy your retirement.

Connect with us at Lone Star Reverse Mortgage, LLC, and let’s explore how a reverse mortgage could fit into your financial plan. We’re ready to help you take the next steps toward a secure retirement.

As a Texas owned and operated company, we take great pride in serving our fellow Texas homeowners. Our commitment to providing accurate and factual information, coupled with our BBB A+ rating, sets us apart as the leading reverse mortgage lender in Texas.

Discover the possibilities that a reverse mortgage can offer. Contact Lone Star Reverse Mortgage, Inc. today to embark on a secure and financially empowered future.

Bob and Debbie Worley

Brenda Bejarano - Reverse Mortgage Texas

Brenda Bejarano

Bob & Debbie Worley - Lone Star Reverse Mortgage, Inc.
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