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Our Texas Values

The Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area holds special meaning for us. We lived in the Dallas area, Plano, specifically for many years. Some of our closest friends call the Dallas area home.  As lifelong residents, we understand the value people in Texas put on their word or a handshake. We are a Texas-based and Texas-owned company. We are not a California-based company pretending to be from Texas. We Provide Reverse Mortgage Services exclusively for Texas Homeowners.

We started our business over a decade ago on some very simple principles. We wanted to offer our services to Texas homeowners and bring genuine value to our clients as well as ourselves. We believe in honesty, doing what’s right, and being fair to all parties. We believe our success is a direct result of us treating our customers with the respect they deserve. Yes, our business is to help Texas senior homeowners 62 and older create better lives for themselves.

As seniors ourselves we understand the concerns and unease that comes with worrying about the future and trying to maintain a good quality of life.  Debbie and I have helped hundreds of Texans determine if a reverse mortgage is right for their individual situations. We pledge to treat you fairly and honestly. We will answer all of your questions in a no-pressure, no-obligation environment and help YOU decide if a reverse mortgage is in your best interest.

Please contact Bob and Debbie at Lone Star Reverse Mortgage, Inc for additional details and program offerings. Contact Us if you would like to know how much money is available to you or request a Reverse Mortgage Quote and fill out the appropriate information. In Dallas Area Call: 972-388-3338

Below are some comments from a few of our customers in the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area who we have helped in obtaining a reverse mortgage.  

  • Ellen and son, Jim, Dallas, Texas

“Debbie was focused, tireless, patient, and encouraging throughout the entire process. Debbie’s professionalism overcame every roadblock we encountered, and for that, I and my family will always be grateful.”    

  • Yvonne & Regis, Richardson, Texas

“I appreciate your help in making this important decision. Thanks for your help!”    

  • Dennis, Dallas, Texas

“Thank you for all your professionalism. I will recommend you highly.”    

  • J. and Helen, Dallas, Texas

“They went over everything with us in a professional way. I will recommend you to my sister.”    

  • Bob, Dallas, Texas

“You far exceeded my expectations!”    

  • Sam and Jo Ann, Irving, Texas

“You both have done an excellent job! Y’all were very courteous and explained everything so that we could understand it. Thanks for everything!”    

  • Lawrence and Barbara, Farmers Branch, Texas

“I found both Bob and Debbie to be very informed and responsive and easy to understand.”    

  • Tom and Patricia, Hurst, Texas

“Excellent job; always available to answer questions!”    

  • Jesse, Dallas, Texas

“All of the people connected with my reverse mortgage were very qualified and helpful to me. I am very pleased!.”    

  • Al and Jacquelene, Grand Prairie, Texas

“Very professional and kinda down-home.”    

  • Herb and Rita, Mesquite, Texas

“Very Pleased!”    

  • Jim, Carrollton, Texas

“Bob & Debbie, thank you so much! You went the extra mile and rescued me and I realize that! Thank you for the dogged pursuit! God bless you!”    

  • Sandy, Irving, Texas

“Thanks for all your help!”    

  • Lawrence and Barbara, Farmers Branch, Texas

“I found both Bob and Debbie to be very informed and responsive and easy to understand.”  

Give us a call, there is no risk, no obligation and we promise no pressure. You have our word. We urge you to pick up the phone right now while you are on our website. Let’s talk. Call 972-388-3338.

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