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Bob and Debbie Worley

Who Are We?

My name is Bob Worley and my wife’s name is Debbie. I am a 5th generation Texan and very proud of my Texas heritage. Debbie and I have lived in Texas all our lives and we believe in the fundamentals of high personal integrity, honesty and simply doing the right thing. Debbie is a native Texan who grew up in Sherman, Texas, north of Dallas. She was an elementary school teacher who taught for 25 years. I also am a native Texan and grew up in Big Spring, TX. I have vast experience in the field of real estate as a result of more than 20 years as a licensed real estate broker in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Debbie and I are both Seniors and we currently reside in central Texas and provide reverse mortgage services to fellow Texas homeowners. We have been part of the reverse mortgage business almost since its inception in the state of Texas. Like everyone, we have experienced the ups and downs that life brings but it’s what is inside most of us that defines our ability to be the best we can be. We take great pride in our experience and reputation and Debbie and I pledge to treat you honestly and fairly.

A Reverse Mortgage is an Important Decision

Currently, there are many senior Texas homeowners considering a reverse mortgage but are hesitant about the whole process. Some may believe it is simply too good to be true while others may think someone is trying to take advantage of them. I assure you neither one is the case with us. Every situation is different and a reverse mortgage certainly is not for everyone, however, it is the perfect solution for many. When considering a reverse mortgage, as with any important decision, you should make the decision with all the facts in hand and with all of your questions answered directly and honestly. Debbie and I pledge to treat you fairly and honestly. We will answer all of your questions and help YOU decide if a reverse mortgage is in your best interest.

How Do You Know What to Believe?

With the many misunderstandings about reverse mortgages, it’s really tough to know who to believe. There are various journalists publishing articles about reverse mortgages and many comments by supposed “experts” (CPA’s, Attorney’s etc), legislators,  and the general public. Everyone seems to have an opinion about reverse mortgages. Unfortunately, many of these individuals have NOT done their research and their articles and opinions are NOT based on facts. They don’t have documentation supporting their statements. If you are weighing the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage, we ask that you give us an opportunity to discuss the facts of a reverse mortgage with you and how it would apply to your specific situation.  As I mentioned, reverse mortgages are all we do. We don’t promise unsubstantiated guarantees. We are here for one thing and that is to provide you with unsurpassed service and factual information to determine if a reverse mortgage is in your best interest. We meet personally with most of our customers and avoid sending a notary to do our job.  Our reputation is our guarantee and we promise to abide by the principles of honesty and integrity. The Texas way!

Contact Us Today!

To find out exactly how a reverse mortgage can benefit you, please contact Bob or Debbie today and we will provide you with the information and details you need to make an informed decision. Based on your specific situation we can calculate how much money you can expect to receive from a reverse mortgage.  Contact us today by calling 972-388-3338 and we will listen to you, evaluate your needs and help you decide if a  reverse mortgage will benefit you. We will not pressure you, as many lenders do, and we will be available to answer all your questions even after you close the loan. If a reverse mortgage is not ideal for your individual situation, we will without hesitation, tell you the truth and not encourage you to get a reverse mortgage.

Please call Bob or Debbie today toll-free number 972-388-3338 for your no obligation consultation and let us answer your specific questions about how we can be of service to you regarding a Texas Reverse Mortgage.